Two Tantalising Teasers 99c / 99p

Sorry, there was a wee fib in the title. But only a little one.

There’s actually one teaser and one offer, only I couldn’t resist the alliteration! The teaser is the USA Today Bestseller attempt of #25KillerCozies To Die For, which featured in my last newsletter.




As I explained in my last newsletter, we’re not doing a pre-order at Amazon. This book will be available on its publication date, 27 December 2016.

APPLE: Still no link. Come on, Apple, up your game!

And the offer is one of my Rafferty’s: #9, Blood on the Bones at 99c / 99p.

One novel against twenty-five? No contest! But I do have my #3 Rafferty, Death Line as one of the book bundle as well..

Here’s my offering:

It’s the same price on all the other Amazon sites. so just substitute your own country in your browser.
Just to show the different titles coming in the #25KillerCozies bundle.

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