Understanding Creative People

Why writers do what we do, admirablly expressed by Bill C Castengera on amwritingworkshop.

Amwriting Workshop

The deep, monotonous grind of daily life can sap the creative urge out of the best of us. We have a lot to do. And creating art can be viewed as wasting time, especially if you aren’t in it for monetary gain. And ultimately, none if us are. Sure, making money from the thing we create would be great, and some of us succeed at that, but we are in it for the enjoyment. We are in it for the art itself.

As a novelist, I can spend 6-8 hours a day writing. At the end of it, I’m closer to a finished product, but I didn’t finish anything. Nothing was completed. Novel writing is an endurance race, not a sprint, and I’m never really going for the finish line anyway. People–most people–can’t seem to wrap their minds around that. I’m in it for the run itself. I’m in it…

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