Reblogging: The How and Why

I thought reblogging a post from another blogger’s site was simply a matter of clicking ‘reblog’ and penning a few words to go with the reblog. Now, thanks to ronovanwrites, I’ve discovered that another tiny little step is incredibly useful in the sharing process. Why not have a read and find out what that step is?


Reblogging: The How and Why

by: Ronovan

If I Reblog someone then THEIR blog article will be looked at instead of mine.

I guess some look at blogging as a competitive thing. Personally, I just write and enjoy the company.

First you may want to know why I Reblog.

I really like an article. An article inspires me. The article is informative for my friends. A friend is on vacation and I want their blog and name to continue to be seen in the community.I want to help a new blogger by sharing their wonderful work with my friends. I always do an honest Reblog. If I don’t like it, it doesn’t happen.

If you’re a selfish blogger readers pick up on it, or at least I do, and will stop reading you. This doesn’t mean you have to Reblog, I’m just saying that you can pick up on personality…

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