#Blog #Tips Tag So You’re It-How to Tag your Blog Right.

Several mysteries of the blogger’s life answered here! Today it’s: so what do we do about tags? From ronovanwrites. Illuminating.


Increasing traffic to your blog means increasing SEO views. Is that what this article is about? Yes and no. This is not going to be about how to intentionally seek out more views. This is going to be how to simply take what you have and let it be noticed properly with a few well chosen words and really just doing what you’re supposed to be doing already.

tag_you're_it.jpgTagging a blog article/post is a mystery to a lot of people. They have the best post ever on the planet. Then they don’t advertise it through their tagging properly. They put in a lot of obscure words or phrases. I’m here to break it down a little.

Things to Remember:

  • Don’t have too many-Stick to no more than about 13 and I mean 13. I’ve tested with a friend that was having problems and as we backed down the number of…

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