The Author Hot Seat

My ‘Author Hot Seat’ interview on Jane Dougherty’s blog, appears today. Why not have a read?

Jane Dougherty Writes

My guest in The Author Hot Seat today is Geraldine Evans. Geraldine writes what I call police thrillers, but she also dabbles (very successfully) in historical fiction. As I don’t know her books at all, I’m going to hand over to the author straight away, as we have a very full interview ahead 🙂


J. Tell us a little about what you write, and since it’s something that interests me, which genre you would describe it as.

G. I mostly write mysteries, what I call British Cozies. My largest series (fifteen so far) is the Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series. My main man, DI Joe Rafferty, is an ‘Ordinary Joe’, a working-class guy, with a council-house upbringing, and from a family not averse to a little back street shenanigans on the edge of the law. I’ve partnered him with more moral than an Easter Sunday Pope, Welsh Methodist DS Dafyd…

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