A visit with Geraldine Evans, author of A Thrust To The Vitals

I was interviewed by the lovely Kate Eileen Shannon on her blog.

Kate Eileen Shannon

gerrie evansStopping by today is Geraldine Evans who is going to talk about her latest ebook release A THRUST TO THE VITALS. It is actually the tenth of a fifteen book (so far)  series. I’m sitting here with a nice strong cup of tea, as I’m sure Gerrie is, so let’s get started.

Gerrie, I liked the book. But some of the early reviews  have been less than kind. I know that hurts so I’m not going to ask if that bothers you – of course it does. But the criticism seems to be you write in a British style and that doesn’t appeal to Americans. Is it something you are finding?

No, not really, I think it was an issue with this book because I’ve been experimenting with Amazon’s Categories and I put this one in International Crime and Mystery. Big mistake!  Although it is ‘international’ for everyone but…

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